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Silver Lake currently has two robust bilingual media platforms.

The only bilingual trade media platform targeting English and Spanish speaking tradesmen in the United States. The platform consists of an innovative flipbook bilingual magazine with a circulation of over 210,000, websites in English and Spanish, aggressive email marketing newsletters with over 100,000 subscribers in the United States and Mexico and deep social media campaigns.

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Pro Construction Guide | Constru-Guía al día

Contact our Sales Team:
Kevin Kilpatrick, East and West Coasts/South/Automotive
Phone: 770-615-3585

Lisa Naugle, Midwest
Phone: 312-850-0899

Scott Rickles, East and West Coasts/Automotive
Phone: 770-331-9562

Dan Tomkiewicz, East and West Coasts/Automotive
Phone: 770-640-1681

Shelley Turner, Georgia
Phone: 678-521-8603

Building on the success of Pro Construction Guide/Constru-Guía, Silver Lake Media Group launched Pro Masonry Guide/Guía de Albañilería in 2017.  Within months, the new media platform became the leader in the industry with the most magazine and email newsletter subscribers.  Pro Masonry Guide/Guia de Albanileria is the only bilingual marketer in an industry that has more than 48 percent of the labor force identifying as Hispanic.

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Pro Masonry Guide | Guía de albañilería

Contact the Sales Director to learn more:
Marvin Diamond, Sales Director
Phone: 770-634-6050